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About CatNap

CatNap from the Heart is a limited-access shelter for cats, birds and small mammals. We do not euthanize for cage space, and there is no time limit for any animal.

A Day in the Life of CatNap

Visit our Facebook page to see a wonderful slideshow of pictures depicting a “A Day in the Life” of your favorite shelter, CatNap!

Foster a Pet, Change a Life

Can’t adopt? Consider fostering one of our long-term residents for free. Consider fostering!

The Scoop on Adoptions

All pets live comfortably at CatNap or in a foster home until the right human companion comes along. There is NO TIME LIMIT for any animal. We are committed to finding the right home and to taking the time to carefully match the needs and the personalities of both people and adopted animals.

Please note that we prefer that all members of the family wishing to adopt should be present before taking home your new furry friend from CatNap.

If you are planning on adopting, please allow at least 30 minutes.


We have a number of events coming up. Please drop by our Facebook page to stay up on the latest happenings!

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Contact CatNap

Feel free to email us to with any questions, or to just say hello!

1101 Beach Ave.
LaGrange Park, IL 60526