All pets live comfortably at CatNap until the right human companion comes along. There is no time limit for any animal. Come in and see our variety of cats, kittens, birds, rabbits and small mammals, or check out our online listings below for a sampling.

We are committed to finding the right home for every animal and to taking the time to carefully match the needs and the personalities of both people and animals. We work hard to ensure that all of our animals are adopted into permanent and loving homes. Adoption counselors are waiting to assist you in choosing the right companion for your family. We would like to meet with as many family members as possible, especially young children, to insure the best fit for your household.

Each cat and kitten will be:
Up-to-date on vaccinations (rabies when appropriate)
Spayed or Neutered
Tested negative for FeLV and FIV Viruses
Adoption Requirements
Adopters must be at least 21 years of age
Provide us with a Drivers license or State I.D. Card
Verification that your housing allows pets
Complete an adoption application and be approved to adopt
Meet with an adoption counselor
Family members must meet the prospective pet prior to finalizing the adoption
Adoption Fees

CatNap has many adoption specials that change monthly–call the shelter to inquire.
Fees may be adjusted due to an animal’s individual circumstances and needs. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


If you can no longer take care of your pet or have found a stray, please call us to discuss the situation and to find out if we can help you!   If we cannot help you, we will recommend other shelters to contact.

When relinquishing a pet to CatNap from the Heart, please understand that our incoming paperwork is a legally binding contract.  By relinquishing your pet, you are no longer responsible for said animal and CatNap assumes all responsibility.  We will give you the courtesy of 48 hours to reclaim your pet should chose to do so.

We do take owner surrenders, however, CatNap returns always gets top priority when determining who we can take in and when. Please keep in mind, if you should ever need to return your pet, consider adopting from a facility you trust.

All intake requests can be made via our contact form.