Medical Clinic Support

Friday, May 19th, 2017 Comments

Our renovations are coming along great and we’ve extremely excited about the addition of our clinic! Below are some of the items we’ll be investing in.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Medical Equipment for Clinic
Item Price
Autoclave $5995.00
Surgical Ceiling Light $2996.00
Anesthesia Machine $2995.00
Surgical Table $1380.00
Dental Scalar/Polisher) $1181.00
Anesthesia Vaporizer $920.00
Exam Table $838.00
Pulse Ox (monitors patient heart rate during surgery) $599.00
Metal Exam Table for prep/recovery $550.00
18 Piece Surgical Spay Pack

We Would like 10 of these!

Lock Box: For all Sedative and Controlled Substances $309.00
Breath Safe (Monitors Patient Respiration Rate) $215.00
Dog Scale $100.00
Heated Water Blanket for Surgery $90.00
Heated Surgical blanket $88.00
Cat Scale $80.00
Surgical Drapes $78.00
Avagard Surgical Prep $70.00
Tenotomy Scissors  (surgical instrument) $60.00
Anesthesia Masks $65.00
Endotracheal Tubes $50.00
Crile Forceps  (used for cat neuters) $40.00
Anesthesia Rebreathing Bags $40.00
Sedation Medication $30.00
Isoflurance Anesthesia $24.00
Anesthesia Breathing Circuit (for puppies/kittens) $18.03
Anesthesia Breathing Circuit (cat and dogs) $10.00