Planning for the Future

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 Comments


You welcomed us into our community in 1997 as Catnap Cat Boarding and Care.  You continued your support after 9/11, when we chose to become CatNap from the Heart, a 501c3 non profit in 2002, taking in and re-homing cats, birds and small mammals, and continuing a small boarding area.  In return for your support, we have boarded your pets, taken in your pets when they could no longer be kept, and found them loving homes.  We have taught your children the value of volunteering, worked with scout troops, students and seniors, and offered internship to many who have gone on in the veterinary field.  We have operated a small food pantry for those in need,  and at times just been there to offer assistance in any way we can.  We can’t begin to thank you enough for all the donations and support throughout almost 19 years!

We have come to a point in planning the future that we asked ourselves how we can best continue to give back to the community that so warmly allowed us to be a part of it. After using many of our area low cost spay/neuter clinics in Chicago, Mokena, Oak Park and North Aurora, as no cat, kitten or rabbit is available for adoption until it is spayed or neutered (kittens at 12 weeks), we realize that the next step in our journey is to take on the problem where it starts.

Our dream has always been to operate a low cost spay neuter clinic and that time has come.  Christine Braun, a resident of LaGrange Park, graduates from the University of Illinois Veterinary School in May 2017. After many years of volunteering and interning at CatNap, she has committed herself to our shelter to become our in house veterinarian.  Her focus will not only be  to save us thousands of dollars per year on outside vet costs, but to operate a low cost spay neuter clinic.  She will not only be able to serve our community, but also other shelter and rescue groups, and individuals from the Chicagoland area.

At this point in time, we are limited to the 2300+ square feet of our building with hopes of larger accommodations in the future. Our plan is to begin remodeling our existing space in early 2017 to add a surgical room and recovery area for both cats and dogs to be prepared for Chrissy’s graduation next May. We are also planning on reducing our current population and building in communal cat rooms with a reduced amount of caged housing. This will allow our cats more time out of their cages and provide the additional room needed for a surgical area.

We are asking for your support to continue in this much needed endeavor.

You have all supported us generously in the past and we ask now that you find it in your heart to help us to not only realize our dream, but also to be able to reduce the population crowding other shelters, rescues and our own back yards.   

Can we count on your support of a donation now, or a monthly commitment to continue in the future.  Every dollar you donate is tax deductible, no amount too small. 

Our annual fundraiser will also be focused on this endeavor and we hope you can attend during this groundbreaking year. You can also always donate online here.